Dutch Blockchain hackathon 10-12 febr #dbh17

A brilliant hackathon with 350 people in 55 teams which developed solutions on the blockchain in 1 weekend. Lots of big corporates, banks, consultancy, government, smart teams from education, universities and hackers. Take a look at the winners. Mostly english with a few dutch movies.

  1. How big of the compliment do you need #dbh17 ? The CEO of Blockchain.info thinks this was EPIC
  2. Nicolas Cary @Niccary "Biggest and best organized hackathon I've seen" #dbh17
  3. The feel good movie afterwarts
  4. Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017 Aftermovie Trailer #dbh17
  5. Nederlands: First impressions, tour by commnity manager @Wijsseling_Thijs from Dutchblochainhackathon organisation
  6. Tour #dbh17 @wesselink_thijs door 5 tracks Gov, Energy, Identity, Pensions, Trade
  7. Prins @contantijn14 has a good statement!
  8. Special Envoy @constantijn14 on "reinventing the operating system of society" #dbh17
  9. "If this then that" achtige dienst voor smart contracts heeft een team van RaboBank geimplementeerd is de manier om flexibiliteit in te bouwen.. heel mooi
  10. Team Revention, #dbh17 ITTT van contracts & DOA die pensioenen zonder verzekeraars
  11. 4 hours driving in the @Teslamotors to Groningen.. Had to stop in Drachten
  12. TOBLOCKCHAIN.nl winner energy track creates created app power2share #dbh17
  13. Team #ben2 winner Pension Track at #dbh17, make your pension transparent
  14. This is the winner of the identity track. Refugees can build up an digital identity when they enter europe. They got €5000 price money. The interviewer knows better how to explain the potential.
  15. This identity service bridges the gab between official digitale ID's and allows you to use them on the the blockchain. (Dutch movie)
  16. Brug standaard identiteits diensten naar Blockchain door Bridge-id team op #dbh17
  17. Winners of the goverment track. A municipality!
  18. Re-inventing Government_track winner #dbh17 Gemeente Zuidhorn :"we're an international team:"
  19. International Trade and Entrepreneurship-track winners #dbh17 team Zissou: "We had a lot of fun"
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