Is Hiring an Escort Safe in Las Vegas?

When you are walking down Vegas Strip, you are bound to see many flyers everywhere, which will be advertising escort services in Las Vegas.


  1. When you are walking down Vegas Strip, you are bound to see many flyers everywhere, which will be advertising escort services in Las Vegas. These flyers may feature nude women, and may seem like they are offering sex in their services, however that is far from the truth. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and the escorts will provide you with adult entertainment, but they are not offering you sexual services like it may seem on the advertisements and flyers.
  2. People, who engage in sexual acts with escorts, whether as an act of compensation, under the law, could face a criminal charge of prostitution. The person guilty of paying for the service, could even face fines, jail time and even a criminal record if they are convicted of paying for sexual services to escorts. Most tourists are under the impression that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas, but the nearest brothels are in Nye County, which is far away from Las Vegas.
  3. Escort services, however, are not illegal in Las Vegas, and these services are regulated by Clark County, under the County Code Chapter 8.32. An escort is defined as a person who willingly consorts and accompanies another person for a fee in either private or public settings. Escorts have work cars and are licensed, and if they engage in sexual acts willingly, they run the risk of losing their license and even face criminal charges under the law.
  4. The advertising of escort services is regulated and such services can’t even imply that they will be offering sexual services. The women pictured in escort service advertisements may be nude but they will never openly suggest that they are offering sexual services to clients. Tourists that visit Las Vegas can legally hire escort services without any danger, and can hire the escort to accompany them to dinner, a show or even to spend some time in their hotel room and talk to them. If the tourist communicates a desire to perform sexual acts with the escort during their meeting, then the tourist has stepped the legal boundary and may even face charges of solicitation.
  5. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department runs sting operations on a routine basis in order to seek escort services that are offering prostitution services to clients. There will be undercover agents who will pose as escorts and anyone caught in the act of having sex with an escort will be charged immediately. Hiring an escort therefore, is completely legal in Las Vegas.
  6. There are plenty of acts of prostitution that occur in Las Vegas and some have been unprosecuted as well, but if you are looking to engage in prostitution or sexual acts with the escort, then you run the risk of getting caught and charged by the police. You will then be fined, may face jail time and have a permanent criminal record as well.