Tips: What is Mobile Legends and How to Play


  1. Hello everyone and welcome to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) tips and tricks guide. This guide is designed to help you understand the mechanisms of Mobile Legends and give you some tips on some characters you can use in the game. Also check out
    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA style game very similar to games like Legend and Heroes of the Storm. So if you've ever played a MOBA game, you can easily pick it up.
  2. In the game you will be adapted to a team of 5 people and as a team you will work together to destroy the enemy base. You are on a map with 3 lanes and each lane has a certain number of towers.
    Your goal is to take your minions through the lanes and destroy every turret so that you can move on to the base. You can only attack towers if your minions are within range, otherwise you will be trained and severely damaged.
    The basic mechanisms of the game are quite simple and very easy to pick up after one or two games. So we're talking about the main draw of this game and that's the characters.
    Like most MOBAs, Mobile Legends has a nice schedule of characters to choose from. In the beginning you get a few heroes for free, then you have to get them by coin.
  3. Each hero has its own prize and can be purchased with Battle Points or Gems. Gems are the currency you really use money, one where you win as Battle Points every time you win or lose a match.
    At the start you get a nice piece of Battle Points, so depending on how you play, you can buy up to two cheap heroes, a medium hero dog or save until you buy one of the more expensive.
    But if you put the thought of the coin aside, you can still play as one of the heroes by the hero rotation. Every week a new group of heroes is released to play until the week ends. Mobile Legends Cheats.
  4. The use of hero rotation is a good opportunity to test heroes and find out who you want. That way, when they are out of rotation, you can put your Battle Points to that particular hero because you already know you like them.
    Then we will talk about the heroes themselves. I will not go over all of them, but some I think some of the better heroes are in the game and are worthy of setting your points.
  5. Hero - Layla
    Now Layla is actually the first hero you get when you start the game, so you do not even need to waste any points on her. And because she's the default hero, she's actually one of the most used.
    Layla is a Marksman class, so a varied character, making it very good for attacking towers while the minions take all the heat. She is also good at collecting enemy heroes, even if she strikes close together.
    Her skills are almost in the course of mill-range character equipment. They are all long-range skills and every deal costly damage.
  6. Her third skill, Destruction Rush, is where the heavy damage lies. Using a hero is the best way to treat good damage and you get a good opening to take them out.
    So for the first free hero Layla is better than a given credit and definitely worth a game.
    Tips for Layla
    You want to use the default item recommended for her. It gives her life stealing, damage and some defense.
    You want to use her to fly your enemies. To learn to fly, you want to attack, spell, move your character forward or back and then attack again. This is also known as animation cancellation. Do this and you will deal much more damage.
    Her ultimate is formerly a finisher as he tries to try out running enemies. I suggest you use it if they have less than 1/8 health for a warranty.
  7. Hero Alucard
    Alucard is a pretty interesting hero. He is a fighter class, so he is the best in the neighborhood and is very effective against both minions and heroes.
    He is seriously injured and his skills give him a wide range of uses, depending on your playing style. So if you're pushing for the goal or if you want to pursue other heroes, then that's a good choice.
    Another great thing about Alucard is stealing his life. He gets health back at every attack and his third skill Fission Wave increases that effect over a limited period of time.
    So if you are looking for a fighter you will not be much better than Alucard.