Top 4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Sofa bed


  1. Investing in a sofa bed can be a wise decision, especially if you have a small space and are looking for furniture pieces that can perform different roles. A sofa bed, as the name suggests can double up as a bed, thereby, helping you save space and money. There are many retailers that sell sofa beds online and provide attractive discounts. You must, however, not rush into buying a cheap sofa bed online. To help arrive at an informed purchased decision and get your money’s worth, the post lists some important factors worth considering when buying a sofa bed. Take a look.

    1. Different Types

    There are different types of sofa beds available in the market. Among these types, futon, and sleeper chair are a couple of most in-demand variants. Futon is the simpler of the two, and in most cases is made of a single cushion laid over a wooden or metal frame. A sleeper chair can be folded out into a twin-size bed and is available in a variety of style options. When choosing between the two options, consider your needs. If, for instance you want to provide a low-profile, easy going and casual look to your apartment, opt for a futon sofa. When buying furniture for small spaces, look for a sleeper chair that consumes less space and doubles up as a twin-size bed.

    2. Opening Mechanism

    Click-clack, pullout and power open are three of the most common opening mechanisms used in sofas. Click-clack is the simplest among these three mechanisms and is found in almost all futon sofas. To open the sofa, you just need to pull the sofa frame until it clicks. Pullout mechanism includes a handle placed under the sofa cushion. After you have located the handle, pull it to unfold the mattress. Power option is the most sophisticated among these mechanisms and is operated by the push of a button, which makes it an ideal choice for users suffering from back pain or other mobility problems.

    3. Mattress Material

    The mattress material used in a sofa goes a long way in determining its useful life and comfort. Cotton, foam, and air-over-coil are three of the most popular options available in this regard. If comfort is your primary concern, look for cotton mattresses. Foam mattresses go best with futons, while air-over-coil can be used for thicker and wider mattresses, as the airbed can be deflated to cover the sofa.

    4. Upholstery and Size

    Upholstery and the sofa’s size have a significant impact on its price, which is why you must consider these factors when buying a sofa bed online. If, for instance you opt for fancy upholstery made of velvet, leather or an exquisite fabric, the final price will be significantly higher. Size, too affects the price of a sofa, which in most cases increases with an increase in the furniture’s size.


    Buying a sofa bed is a long-term investment decision and you must consider these factors to get your money’s worth. Look for different expert product and model reviews. You must also learn about the maintenance and care and enquire about service warranties before putting your money down.