My Personal Learning Network Journey

From Interdisciplinary Studies Intro class throughout my Interdiciplinary Studies Senior Seminar, I have been able to connect with students, faculty, and professionals already in my field of interest.

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  1. My Personal Learning Network has really been directed to the connection being made with fellow professionals in the events, meeting, and convention industry. I used my comment, like, retweet, and quote options often! All of us were able to connect through various method, but one of my favorites are humorous shares like those below.
  2. I really utilized my Personal Learning Network for sharing inspiration for events alike across the community. In the events industry, professionals really thrive off each other. We share tips, trick, and warnings on a daily, if not hourly, basis! I couldn't imagine being part of a better community environment!
  3. My network allowed me to share many of my blog posts to the greater community of followers that I have already built. I was continuously surprised with the amount of people that liked and retweeted my posts!!