Gratitude, Or the Week I Kind-Of-Sort-Of Dropped An Album ...

  1. I wrote earlier this week about writing being something of a solitary pursuit, and that's true as far as it goes, but I've had one of those fortnights or so where I've had a slightly larger than usual number of things published and projects come to fruition, and it makes me realize just how many people I work with every day, in avery aspect of my career. Reporters and editors at the newspaper, editors at periodicals and journals I write for, the writers I work with at Radius, the artists I talk to for Telegram & Gazette stories, the musicians in The Great Cover Song Challenge ... It's easy to forget when you're alone at your desk, but I'm never really alone in these endeavours. I've been blessed to work with some extraordinary people over the years – writers, editors, photographers, musicians, organizers and more – who've made my life and work immensely rewarding. I'm grateful for all of them, everyday, and sometimes it's good to acknowledge that, especially when so many things seem to be happening at once.
  2. The Great Cover Song Challenge
  3. The big news this week was that what's been referred to as "The Side Challenge" in The Great Cover Song Challenge was unveiled this week, and it was both totally bonkers and deeply personal. This time, rather than torturing musicians with the work of Phil Collins, Madonna or Air Supply, I tormented them with my own poetry. the short of it was that they were challenged to take poems from my chapbook Toxic Waltz, and either adapt them into songs or write songs that were inspired by them. the results were spectacular:
  4. Toxic Waltz: Songs Inspired by the Poetry of Victor D. Infante, by Various Artists
  5. I wrote about the project a bit for Radius, but I have to reiterate just how extraordinary these tracks are, the immense amount of talent and imagination it takes to transform my decidedly unlyrical poetry into songs is staggering, and I'm more impressed each time I listen.
  6. Once again, much, much gratitude to everyone who was involved with this. The Great Cover Song Challenge #4 will begin in a few weeks, so stay tuned for more!
  7. Poetry
  8. I've also not had a lot of non-journalism published lately, but I seem to be pulling out of that rut, starting with my poem In A Place Where Everyone Was Empty appearing in the second issue of the digital journal I Can Count to Ten, alongside poems by Jasmin Roberts, Sara Mae, Valerie Lawson, Evan Cutts, Myles Em Taylor, Justice Gaines, Siaara Freeman, Jared Paul, and Daphne Gottlieb. Check it out, and hopefully there will be more on the way!
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