Silicon Drinkabout Summit '15

In May 2015 Silicon Drinkabout organisers from around the world gathered in Sofia, Bulgaria, for the first ever Silicon Drinkabout Summit!


  1. After a very early start Joe, Kevin and Vicky arrived in Sofia and were met by the infamous ball of energy that is Stoyan!
  2. After settling in at the AirBnB, and enjoying a Bulgarian lunch, 3beards spent the afternoon with Nik and the team from Kairos Society, on a walking tour of Sofia.
  3. During dinner we were joined by Ivo from Silicon Drinkabout Luxembourg. The food was delicious and we couldn't wait to meet the rest of the team!
  4. Thanks to Stephane from the Sofia team, all organisers got access to the brilliant DigitalK conference where Day 1 highlights included:

    - "Data Visualisation" (David Troy, 410 labs),
    - "Digital Transformation: Stop trying to change and start transforming your business" (Ivan Hernandez, The Digital Loop)
    - "The 2% from Entrepreneur to CEO" (David Raskino, Microsofts Strategic Project Group)

    And of course the semi finals of the DigitalK Startup Competition
  5. After a great first day at the conference we had met organisers from 7 different Silicon Drinkabout cities!

    - Belgrade
    - Berlin
    - Dublin
    - London
    - Luxembourg
    - Sofia
    - Skopje
  6. It's fair to say that Silicon Drinkabout organisers are a confident, friendly, well connected, welcoming, joyously silly and maybe slightly competitive bunch...
  7. Highlights of DigitalK, Day 2 included:

    - "Beyond 140 Characters" (Brenda O'Connel, Twitter)
    - "What would a CEO do?" (Heather Russell,

    And of course the Silicon Drinkabout panel talk!
  8. There was even some cheeky (sabotage) promotion going on... Sorry Butcher!
  9. Wise words were spoken from our panelists, and there was a great response from the audience.
  10. Even Drinkabout cities that hadn't been able to join us showed their support.
  11. After a successful DigitalK conference, what better way to spend Friday night than at a mega Silicon Drinkabout!