Energy Boosters Dangerous To Your Health

This week there was some shocking news announced about a 14 year old girl who died after drinking two Energy Drinks in a 24 hour period. This is scary. You might not think of these Energy Drinks as dangerous to your health, but the high caffeine content in some of them does bring risk.


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  2. There are a lot more people ending up in the ER with toxic levels of caffeine.
  3. Most of the danger appears to be heart related.  Even though you may have a heart condition that is considered 'minor' and non life-threatening, when you consume high amounts of caffeine that can change.
  4. Many of us are confused about just how much caffeine is in these drinks.  Not all manufacturers are putting the caffeine content on the labels.
  5. Studies & Reports.. is the word getting out enough about the potential dangers?  From 2011 report (link below):  " Sales of products such as Red Bull, Full Throttle, Monster Energy and Rockstar are expected to reach about $9 billion in the U.S. this year, with children and young adults under 25 providing most of the revenue." 
  6. Energy Booster Love:

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  10. Energy Drinks are classified as 'dietary supplements'.

    From the FDA:  "While dietary supplement manufacturers are responsible for the safety of their products, they do not need to get government approval before producing or selling their products." 
  11. Beverage manufacturers and supplement makers in the U.S. are not required to prove certain health claims.
  12. Alternatives?  There are some safe ones.