That time Battlestar Galactica/Dollhouse hottie @TahmohPenikett agreed to be my cover model

If actor @TahmohPenikett is going to be on a @HarlequinBooks cover, he has one demand...

  1. The coolness factor of a celebrity is directly proportional to their tweets to fans. @JeriLRyan and @NathanFillion know this. @TahmohPenikett already won me over with his performances in Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse, but he had me at "Interesting."
  2. GUYS. @TahmohPenikett is now verified and active on Twitter! Did I mention he's the inspiration for the hero in my next #MMA romance? <3
  3. This was about where I lost my s#it and squeed. But it got better....
  4. @nichole5988 @TahmohPenikett Maybe sometime in 2014? I'll let y'all know when I have a release date!
  5. .@TahmohPenikett @nichole5988 Former Olympic gold wrestler trains female MMA fighter struggling against her family's disapproval. 1/2
  6. .@TahmohPenikett @nichole5988 2/2 Their chemistry on and off the mats sizzles, but he's holding back. Can she break down his defenses? #MMA
  7. Hey, @TahmohPenikett ever wanted to model for Harlequin? I can hook you up... @nichole5988
  8. I tried this once with @GeorgesStPierre when I was working on Her Son's Hero. He doesn't handle his own twitter, though, so I didn't get a response.
  9. Tahmoh is just that much cooler.
  10. If you score that I'll die of jealousy! RT @VickiEssex: Tahmoh Penikett said yes! No take-backsies! @HarlequinBooks 
  11. Back off, ladies. He's mine... Although I'd love to be there for the shoot if he were doing multiple covers. *hint hint @HarlequinBooks*
  12. .@DonnaAlward @HarlequinBooks @TahmohPenikett I think he'd make a great cowboy. Or billionaire CEO. How would you feel about a kilt, Tahmoh?
  14. @TahmohPenikett @VickiEssex @HarlequinBooks And he definitely needs to be holding a baby. Hey, just so happens I have a photogenic baby...
  15. I hope so hard that @HarlequinBooks will respond. And that Tahmoh will do this. And meet me. And hug me... Did I mention I'm a fan? 

    Your move, Harlequin.
    UPDATE APR. 25/13: Haven't given up yet! I started tweeting to get some movement on this.
  16. Had to reassure the hubby that I'd share in the Tahmoh love with him. Or maybe I was supposed to reassure him that I wouldn't do anything that any other happily married woman wouldn't do...?
  17. @LadySnarksalot @VickiEssex Well sure. But as the guy who introduced her to BSG, I'm a little jealous.
  18. Sounds to me like Tahmoh's still game, @HarlequinBooks.
  19. Finally! A response from @HarlequinBooks.
  20. My former editor who bought my first book, Her Son's Hero, expresses the office mood.
  21. An endorsement from @SmartBitches will go a long way, I hope.

  22. More to come soon! Stay tuned....

    UPDATE Apr. 27/13:

    I've set up a #TahmohforHarlequin page on my website and a petition! Check them out, sign the petition and tell your friends!

    Tahmoh for Harlequin:

  23. UPDATE May 1/13: So I learned Nathan "Captain Tightpants" Fillion will be at FanExpo this year. So of course, I had to extend an invitation to him.... 
  24. Oooh! RT @VickiEssex: Just learned @NathanFillion will be at Toronto FanExpo this year! How about a visit to @HarlequinBooks, cap?
  25. But of course, I didn't want Tahmoh to get the wrong idea. The campaign is named after him, after all. That meant only one thing:
  26. You have to love Tahmoh for rattling his saber.
  27. GUYS. @TahmohPenikett has thrown down the gauntlet against @NathanFillion. Who will show up at @HarlequinBooks for a cover shoot first?
  28. We're tossing you the frisbee, Nathan. Should you go toe-to-toe, bare chest to bare chest with Tahmoh at Harlequin... I'm sorry, what was I saying?

    UPDATE May 3/13: Tahmoh RTd my call for signatures on the petition! That's an endorsement, right?
  29. @VickiEssex @TahmohPenikett Tahmoh just RT the petition to put him on the cover of @HarlequinBooks Go home internet! You're drunk! (I WANT!)
  30. @VickiEssex @TahmohPenikett @HarlequinBooks Fabulous, he's PERFECT for this. He's a bit of everything, cute/tough/handsome/smart/real. He...
  31. @VickiEssex @TahmohPenikett @HarlequinBooks ..could be any man. The guy next door/cop/teacher/lawyer/father/cold/mean but not too mean...
  32. @VickiEssex @TahmohPenikett @HarlequinBooks:0) I know. The reasons why he's perfect, are why I enjoy his work. He's believable & so cute!
  33. Now, a much more official response from Harlequin's Community Manager for Digital and Internet:
  34. We're just waiting to hear from Tahmoh and his people now...

  35. UPDATE May 3/13: THIS.
  36. @VickiEssex So you know, I've messaged @TahmohPenikett and we will hopefully connect on Monday ;-)
  38. UPDATE May 10/13: I know Tahmoh's still when he RTs my request for more petition signers. Have I mentioned how awesome he is?
  39. UPDATE May 14/13: Jayne at Harlequin talked on the phone with Tahmoh! Things are moving along!
  40. @VickiEssex I should let u know that @TahmohPenikett and I had a phone convo last week. Things ARE developing!
  41. UPDATE May 25/13: So Tahmoh is out having ribs with some of the old Battlestar Galactica gang...
  42. Then @LucianaCarro, aka Kat, favorites my tweet and retweets! Folks, we have our first celebrity endorsement!
  43. @lucianacarro P.S. Loved loved LOVED you as Kat in #BSG. I still cry when I watch The Passage.
  44. I'm imagining the conversation at the table RIGHT NOW...

    Luciana: So what's this #TahmohforHarlequin thing I keep seeing on Twitter?
    Tahmoh: Mmm, these ribs are tasty...
    Edward James Olmos: Yeah, what gives? This crazy chick's been tweeting at me, too.
    Michael Trucco: Wait, what? I thought I was the BSG hottie? Why isn't she asking ME?
    Tahmoh: *shifty eyes*

    Ficc'd, yo.
  45. UPDATE June 4/13: Still waiting to hear from Harlequin. Tahmoh hasn't forgotten!
  46. @camrynrhys @SarahMAnderson1 I'm working on getting him to actually pose for my cover. I hope @TahmohPenikett's still up for it!
  47. @VickiEssex @TahmohPenikett From a fellow Canadian, I would say that I hope he's up for it, too.
  48. UPDATE Aug. 14/13: Still working at it....
  49. UPDATE Sep. 30/13: One last big push, guys! The petition is up to 195 signatures, and they'll be shooting covers at Harlequin for the March 2014 books really soon! My book, IN HER CORNER, will be among those shot! Make sure to check out my website for more details: