@Feministajones creator of #YouOKSis discusses street harassment

@Feministajones creator of #YouOKSis discusses street harassment in particular the "its just hi", differences in SH based on race & notions of masculinity that perpetuate SH


  1. The street harassment issue has been gaining attention in large part due to FeministaJones #youOkSis hashtag and movement. Recently a video was created and went viral showing a woman encountering 108 instances of street harassment in 10 hours in NYC. The video sparked a lot of discussion and debate, along with some controversy that the incidents of harassment shown included multiple men of color, but few (if any) white men harassing the film subject.
  2. Here is the video that showcases street harassment in NYC
  3. 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman
  4. At it’s most basic, bare bones core, feminism represents the rights of women to make their own choices about their lives, without patriarchal co-signature, and be granted equal opportunity and access to institutions and resources in order to be able to follow-through with said decisions. Period. - @Feministajones