#VeganFoodChat - 8.20.14 - Vida Vegan Con: Lifestyle Blogging & Media

This week, we chatted about vegan lifestyle blogging & media with our special guests Michele & Jess, 2/3 of Vida Vegan Con! Media, especially in blogging & social media, have helped to spread the messages of plant-based, compassionate, cruelty-free living further than one could ever have imagined

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  1. Vida Vegan Con, the Vegan Lifestyle & Media Conference (originally, bloggers conference) is a 3-day event, showing all sides of veganism. Vegans come from all walks of life and express themselves in a variety of ways. Through classes, workshops, fun time events, vegans unite for friendships, learning and technology. Vida Vegan Con is now onto its 3rd conference, which will take place May 29-31, 2015 in Austin, Texas

    For more information on Vida Vegan Con or to register, visit vidavegancon.com
  2. Did you know that we have a mini-Vida Vegan Con reunion at The Seed Experience in New York City on August 10th? No, this wasn't planned!

    From left to right: Carlo, Fran Costigan (@goodcakesfran), Carmella, Jess (@getsconed / @VidaVeganHQ) and Demetrius (@vegucated)
  3. Now, let's roll into #VeganFoodChat! Here's this week's transcript!

    This week's questions:

    Q1:What advice would you offer someone who wants to start a blog? 
    Q2:What are some good blogging platform sites for novices? 
    Q3:There are many vegan blogs these days. How can yours stand out? 
    Q4:Should vegan blogs only be about food? Do they need to include food at all? 
    Q5:How can you expand the reach of your blog? Is social media the only way? 
    Q6:How do you determine the best types of content to use on your blog (ex. original vs. curated. video vs. photo) 
    Q7:What lessons have you learned from successful bloggers that you can apply your own blog or other forms of media? 
    Q8:Spotlight 1: If your pet could create a blog what would it be called? 
    Q9:Spotlight 2: You found a magic lamp with genie who’ll grant 3 vegan wishes. Name them (and blog about them later)