Varsity Cheerleaders heading to the Olympics

A group of US cheerleaders is heading to London to cheer for the Men’s Basketball Semifinal and Finals. The group, sponsored by Varsity, is comprised of outstanding college cheerleaders and top instructors from throughout the United States.

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  1. We just returned home from the most incredible experience of a lifetime! Look back through our trip here! ^JM
  2. Having a blast with some amazing friends over here at the #olympics #londoncheer
  3. We were all ready to perform at halftime for Sunday's big game, but due to circumstances outside of our control, the performance during halftime was cancelled. We were so disappointed! 

    In the end it turned out okay, we got to enjoy the rest of the Gold Medal game and watch Team USA bring home the Gold! Last day in London, we're gonna make it a good one! Thanks for following our journey to the Olympics!
  4. Another great day in London. 
    We started off the day with a rehearsal for tomorrow's half time performance with Dizzee Rascal - who is a big time hip hop artist in the UK. There are two other groups performing with us, the jumping roping group and a group of dancers. The choreographers were so awesome, they even let us put them up in a stunt when we were done! 

    We then headed to the medal rounds of the women's handball games. It was our last 3 performances in the handball arena and the crowd was amazing. We had a blast doing each performance on that floor! 

    Tomorrow we are headed to the Men's Gold Medal Basketball game to perform at halftime. We are beyond excited and it's even better because Team USA is in the gold medal game! USA USA USA!! Look for us on TV tomorrow!    ^JM
  5. Varsity cheerleaders out in the Olympic Park. Just drawing a little attention like most cheerleaders! (we can't help it, we love to stunt!) #olympics #cheer #londoncheer #olympicpark