A Dinosaurian Diversion

I'm insanely passionate about dinosaurs, and nearly got carried away while writing about the dinosaur fossils that made a special appearance in the U@live session featuring Professor Leo Tan. I've decided to split off what I wrote, and feature it as a separate Storify:


  1. My Storify about the U@live session itself has been published here.
  2. Singaporean Sauropods

  3. The diplodocid sauropod specimen nicknamed 'Apollo' on display at the Pennsylvania Armory
  4. After the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research was able to raise funds for a new building through public donations, the decision was made to solicit further donations so as to cover the expense of acquiring and exhibiting the dinosaur fossil specimens known as Twinky, Apollo, and Prince. This met with resistance and criticism from people who failed to realise the intangible ability of dinosaurs to awe, inspire and educate. Some questioned the relevance of spending so much on North American dinosaurs when the museum should be focusing on local and regional biodiversity.  Nevertheless, the museum was successful in its bid
  5. On the same day of the session, we had received news that Twinky, one of three diplodocid sauropod dinosaur skeletons destined for our upcoming natural history museum, had finally arrived in Singapore. (I'll probably talk more about diplodocid dinosaurs another time)
  6. There weren't any sauropods at the U@live session, but to help stimulate the audience's interest and curiosity, there were 2 sets of dinosaur fossils on stage, and we were invited to take photos and even (gently) touch them.
  7. Edmonton Lizard: From Duckbills to Cretaceous Cows

  8. Edmontosaurus (also known in the past by names such as TrachodonAnatosaurusAnatotitan, and many others) is one of the largest and most famous of the hadrosaurs (aka "duck-billed" dinosaurs), and is represented by numerous fossil specimens discovered in the Late Cretaceous of the United States of America and Canada.
  9. Charles R. Knight "Trachodon", 1905