Discover the Most Common E-juice Ingredients

So what's in the e-juice that you've been vaping? Do you even know? Do you even care?


  1. If you’re interested in using an electronic cigarette in order to enjoy taste, flavor and throat hit, you may be curious about which ingredients are found in e-juices. In case you don’t already know,e-juices are the liquids which are added to e-cigs/vaporizers inorder to make them work.
  2. #vapecraftinc 
This is one of my favorite juices of all
I used to order this juice back when they only made the 10ml bottles... Needless to say I'm still a fan
    #vapecraftinc This is one of my favorite juices of all I used to order this juice back when they only made the 10ml bottles... Needless to say I'm still a fan

  3. E-juices are sold in vials and these e-liquids come in a dizzying array off lavors, from traditional tobacco to chocolate cherry and beyond.Every brand has its own flavors and its own formulations – however,most e-liquids will have certain ingredients, such as Acetyl Propionyl and PG (or VG, or PG and VG).

  4. As well, you should know that particular brands of e-juice may contain nicotine. In general, there are different levels of nicotine available, as well as no-nicotine options. So, there is really something for everyone.
    We’re here today to talk about the most common e-juice ingredients…
  5. What is Acetyl Propionyl?

  6. One common ingredient in vape juice is Acetyl Propionyl. It’s generally utilized in e-cig juices which have sweet and creamy flavors. For example, an e-cig juice which is formulated in order tohave a custard taste might contain this chemical. Within Acetyl Propionyl, there may be traces of another chemical called Diacetyl.
  7. Some e-juice customers don’t want this chemical in the juices that they buy and many manufacturers do offer product options which are free of Acetyl Propionyl. Which is what we at Vape Craft, Inc are doing. We are offering twwo different versions of our juices for customers who want their juice "diketone" free. The concern is that this chemical may belinked with lung health issues, although the jury is still out. In other words, more research is needed in order to establish a link between this common e-cig juice ingredient and lung ailments(popcorn lung).
  8. PG or VG or Both

  9. PG stands for Proplylene Glycol and this chemical substance is found in a lot of e-juice formulas. Other formulas may contain VG, which is vegetable glycerin. Some e-liquids will contain both ingredients. In general, PG is preferred as it has a thinner consistency, which means that it absorbs without clogging up heating elements of vaporizers.However, PG does tend to dry out the user’s throat in a way that VG, which is thicker, does not.
  10. PG may also trigger allergic reactions in some users.
  11. VG also has its pros and cons. Vegetable Glycerin is known to produce more thick and rich water vapor, which is a good thing, although some users find that PG offers more potent throat hit, despite lower levels of water vapor. VG is also less likely to cause an allergic reaction. However, it does have a sweet taste and some people don’t like this.
    Now that you know the most common ingredients in e-juice, you’ll be more informed as a consumer.
  12. People who are into "cloud chasing" are more prone to select a 100% ratio of VG, because it's the best option for max clouds. For the everyday vaper looking for the best of both worlds we recommend a 70/30(VG/PG) ratio.
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