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#DigiWriMo Day 1

…today, test driving Storify, it's mostly Facebook posts, comments. Without images, the medium can get boring, so I'm making a point of adding a few, whether appropriate illustration or striking zeugma


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  4. There's always activity on The New Faculty Majority page. Today was less active than usual. 
  5. There has been talk of reaching out for increased student involvement in adjunct issues. Students have been in the front lines of SEIU adjunct organizing efforts. My personal take: we should make their issues ours... student loan debt, student rights, access. The river of quid pro quo flows in two directions. If our teaching conditions are their learning conditions, then their learning conditions are our teaching conditions. So what are the options? Where do we start? I'm all for underground. Can Edupunk, DIY and unCollege be put to use here? Anyone for starting an underground MOOC for undocumented students? Could existing DANTES and CLEPS programs be used for credits?
  6. I am going to contact the DREAM organization too to find out what it is we can do to help undocumented students; after all, if I cannot teach anymore, and I was doing it for a pittance anyway, I may as well do it for free and do it for something I believe in: and these kids really need our help.
  7. Keep us posted about DREAM and how both NFM and adjuncts can help immigrant students. Also, I can post queries on some of the mooc / online education groups that I am on. Carol Yeager in particular might have some ideas since she has experience with credit and portfolio assessment programs.
  8. Got my thinking cap on and have sent article out for feedback from admin types. Thx, again, Vanessa, for sending the radar signals.
  9. LOL Carol, that's why I tagged you. Plus, all the moocs I've been chasing, I can't help thinking there might be a solution there too. PS are you keeping dry and safe?
  10. Meanwhile, over at the New Faculty Majority, yesterday discussion on immigrant students being denied access to education. Ana posted the original and feel strongly about our getting involved. I agree and pinned the post to the top of the page. Below, student loan debt and hurricane, also on the New Fac FB page.
  11. Let me know too what you find concerning anything to help both adjuncts and immigrants together: that would be great if we could combine ;-)
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  13. Most of today's (Storifyable) Facebook discussion has been in the Fantasy/SF and book talk groups. We just finished reading Orwell's 1984
  14. Brooke Preston Connors, bear in mind: this is a first. Think beta. #nanowrimo has been running since 1999 so they've had time for bug fixes and to write handouts and FAQs. There is no big word counter in the sky... at least (reading Big Brother) I hope not. I'm trying out Storify for collect on the fly from Facebook and Twitter but otherwise going with old fashioned copy and paste saved in a file.Midnight Launch Digital Poem,  useful parts from the main page: ●How Does One DigiWriMo?●● There are no discussion forums anywhere! [alternately, everywhere and anywhere you want or can't escape from]Because digital writing takes place everywhere on the web, so will our discussions. Plan to join our Twitter chats using #digiwrimo, head over to our Facebook page, and post plenty of comments on any and all DigiWriMo-related blog posts (here and everywhere). Virality is the best form of dialogue!● Not all digital writing has to be public. But, if you want to share your work with others, do so by posting it on our Facebook page, on Twitter using #digiwrimo, or tag your blog posts with “digiwrimo”. That way, you’ll have all the audience you deserve for your grueling hours of digital brilliance. We’ll be curating content created on the web via the #digiwrimo topic.● Check the calendar! All the Digital Writing Month events (including not-to-be-missed guest blog posts) are posted there. [**NOT a requirement, just recommended by organizers**] And my personal favorite:● There are no secrets to doing DigiWriMo, no right way and no wrong way to do it. Some people may write a novel using their computer and call it a day; while others may write hundreds of Twitter haiku. The key to success is your imagination and your love of experimentation, exploration, and fun.
  15. MANY thanks, Vanessa! You clarified a lot of things for me, and I feel better knowing I'm on the right track. "No wrong way to do it" is my kind of rule!
  16. Brooke, same here. Another piece of advice I picked up ~ this about setting goals for online courses ~ is align objectives with *your* goals not the other way around. Mine is to take it for a spin on a lark just to see what happens. Plus the process will make me look closer at my existing digital writing patterns...not saying they'll get better organized or less chaos prone as a result, but no telling what could happen.
  17. Answering (or trying to) questions about #digiwrimo and how to manage words, keeping track. Note: long comments do not format well. And so a genre evolves...
  18. (replying Nicole Navarro about pony names at Caer Wydr Welsh: tag this one #Welsh, #equus and #personal. Caer Wydr Xanadu, sire of referenced ponies pictured above)
  19. Soupy, Sue's Surprise (or something like that, as named by Susu's owner Ginny McWhorter); Caer Wydr Solitaire. All had S names. I nicknamed Open Gates Sue "Susu" for a riding friend of mine in Egypt, Susu al-Arab. Susu is a nickname for Soraya. I really should have named a filly Soraya.
  20. (for a real change of pace.... ponies from the past... maybe this is place to add a picture)
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  22. and perhaps an antidote...especially if enough got on it and enough others just dialed back said hoopla (replacing a ruder expression)