Vancouver Open Data Day Hackathon (#vodhd13) - Recap

On February 23, 2013, Vancouver City Hall opened its doors to hold the Open Data Day Hackathon event for the first time. This is a community driven event that is organized by David Eaves and Luke Closs who are local open data advocates.


  1. Pre-event

  2. We launched our official Twitter account (@VanOpenData).
  3. We published additional 16 new datasets 
  4. The event registration page and invitations were set up
  5. Event was so popular that registration was full even before we started our own promotions! 
  6. We asked people to join us online.
  7. The day of the hackathon!!!

  8. With a rare sunny day in Vancouver, there was still a great turnout of city staff and attendees.  Here is Minister Tony Clement making a surprise guest appearance to the event.

  9. Opening Remarks

  10. Open data hackathon day at Vancouver City Hall
    Open data hackathon day at Vancouver City Hall