Top 5 #landscapechat Takeaways | Trails & Permeable Walkways

ValleyCrest Landscape Companies & Corona Tools host #landscapechat every Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT on Twitter to discuss the latest tips, trends and innovation in the green industry and how those ideas will benefit commercial real estate professionals.

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  1. This week on #landscapechat, we discussed how to capture one of the world's most elusive resources, water, through the application of permeable surfaces throughout the communities in which we live.  To lead the discussion, we commissioned ValleyCrest Design Group Principal Landscape Architect, Greg Ray, and Joyce Mason, Vice President of Marketing and Certified Green Professional at Pardee Homes.  The pair took on the sensitive task of explaining the importance of permeable surfaces, including decomposed granite trails, their benefits and downfalls, and the role they play in fostering community, sustainability and water savings.

    Here are the Top 5 Takeaways from our discussion.
  2. TAKEAWAY #1 - Decomposed granite trails are an amenity solution.