You Are The Corporation


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  2. By Cheval John
    Reporter, Vallano Media

    LeBron James has solidified himself as one of the best National Basketball Association (NBA) players of all time after winning his second consecutive championship against the San Antonio Spurs.
    It seems like only yesterday that the world was hearing about this rare talent making some noise in high school and ESPN televising his games.
    James has built a brand around his game and is now worth millions of dollars.
    It wasn't that he wasn't great before as evidence when current Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert bought the team prior to his arrival because he knew that he was going to make more money and revive the franchise.
    Of course, it became more special because James was an Akron native and his popularity brought in sell out crowds during his time in Cleveland.
    Then he became a villain after announcing on ESPN that he was taking his talents to South Beach.
    I'll admit that I didn't like him after that stunt, but I got to give him his props because he battled through adversity and grueling criticism to rise to the top.
    James said after winning the title and I'm paraphrasing that "he hoped that he inspired kids to go after their dreams." 
    LeBron James understands that he is the brand and though it is bringing him millions and millions of dollars.
    The reason why he is worth that is because he is bringing value to the world with his talents and that alone is why many corporations and shoe companies want to do business with him.
    James is an example of why we cannot just rely on a degree alone to get ahead in life.
    Sure it doesn't hurt to have one, but since we are in the digital age, you have to do something that brings value to/and the world, a corporation, etc.
    If you just go to class, study and work hard to get that degree, then you really haven't done much.
    But if you do extra things like create a blog and write about anything that brings value to the reader, overtime, your audience will grow.
    Whether you are going for that dream job or are looking to strike out on your own, you are in position to succeed because you have brought value to the world and in the process built a brand for yourself. 

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