1. Remain a Professional Even When You are Being Laid Off
  2. By Cheval John
    Reporter, Vallano Media

    So you got that dream job that you were seeking after graduating. Mission accomplish!

    Now, your new goal is to prove your worth to the company and get that desired promotion.

    The only problem is that the company got acquired.

    Even though you produced results while your were there and won awards, you still got laid off because the new management eliminated your department in order to trim expenses.

    All of a sudden, your in dire straits trying to figure out what will be your next move.

    In this day and age, many newbies are facing this scenario because they didn't take the time to cultivate their personal "brand."

    They didn't realized that by doing something extraordinary, like blog about a topic within their industry and overtime, becoming the go-to expert within their field so that when they are laid off, they will have a much easier time finding a new job.

    Robert Scoble* is a perfect example of this.

    When blogs was in it's infacy at the same time as Google, Scoble started a blog called "Scobleizer" and wrote about the emerging technology that was about to take root in our society.

    Over time, his blog gained popularity to the point that he almost lost his job at a magazine that he was working at.

    Eventually, he quit because of the harassment from his boss and was able to secure another job in record time because the person that was conducting the interview had a full stack of his blog post.

    Scoble is now recognized as one of the most influential tech bloggers in the world and his duties at his current job, Rackspace is to be their ambassador in Silicon Valley.

    This gives him the mobility to travel to any conference in the world without informing his bosses because they know that he is trustworthy and will bring them new business.

    So if you really want to advance in your career, you need to cultivate your personal brand.

    That way, you will be well prepared when your employer is acquired.

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    *Note-Scoble was featured in the book,  "The Education of Millionaires" by Michael Ellsberg.

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