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  2. By Cheval John
    Reporter, Vallano Media

    When you see someone with a nice job, nice house, etc., your first reaction is to one up them.

    It becomes an obsession that your relationships with family and friends starts to deteriorate.

    You might wonder, 'how can I overcome this obsession?'

    The simple answer is to just be grateful.

    When you are grateful, you realize that you have everything that you need to enjoy your life.

    The fact that what you have right now is all you need for the time being is really amazing.

    You will not be envious of the other person's "success" and also will be eager to help them get to the next level.

    And by helping them getting to the next level, it will allow a reciprocal wave, "karma," whatever you want to call it, of that same success to come back to you.

    If many people will just take the time to be grateful, you will see a changed world for the better.

    So what are you grateful for?

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