"Superman" Howard Has Landed In Houston


  1. NBA - Dwight Howard To Sign With The Houston Rockets! | Houston Rockets 2013
  2. By Cheval John
    Reporter, Vallano Media

    Houston, Dwight Howard has landed!!
    The three-time "Defensive Player of The Year" has made the decision to join the Houston Rockets today.
    Howard is coming off his worst year of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers when they were bounced out of the first round of the NBA playoffs.
    His role with the "showtime" Lakers didn't go as plan under coach Mike D'Antoni's run and shoot offense.
    In Howard's defense, he didn't fully recover from his back injury and it hampered him as much as his ego and in typical Howardness, he was undecisive of his future after the season and it was a media circus throughout this off-season.
    You can't forget that he was whining during his later years with the Orlando Magic on wanting to play for a big market team like Los Angeles, New York, etc. even though they made six consecutive playoffs that included an NBA Finals Appearance.
    Houston seems to be a perfect destination for Howard because he can contribute immediately with a roster that have James Harden and Jeremy Lin.
    Outside of basketball, Houston is vibrant city and is a top-ten television market, so Horward can reach his goal of becoming a super-star because of the up-roar that it will cause there.
    Of course, the Rockets will have to keep an eye out for his tendencies of being a pre-Madonna and if that happens, then it will be the worst investment that they ever made in franchise history.
    With all that said, welcome to Houston, Mr. Howard.

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