Mike Epps Presents "Message" To SHSU Students


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  2. By Cheval John

    Reporter, Vallano Media

    Stand up comedian Mike Epps rocked the capacity crowd of 5,000 on Wednesnday night at the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum on the campus of Sam Houston State University.

    Epps, who is currently on a national tour, was the featured guest of the second annual SHSU Comedy Showcase, a spring event that's part of the Sammypalooza series.

    “Everything went super smooth,” Steven Begnaud, program coordinator for special events in the Department of Student Services said. “We do it for the student body.”

    Sammypalooza was sponsored by the Department of Student Activities, the Office of Student Services, Bearkat OneCard.

    The Coliseum was provided by the management team of the department of Recreational Sports.

    Begnaud said that it took three months to plan the event and it was a team effort.

    “We took a poll and found out that 76 percent of the student body wanted (Mike) Epps,” Begnaud said. “We worked with him and he was totally cool with it. He was excited and even looked up the city of Huntsville.”

    Students was in line since 4 p.m. to have a rare chance to see the stand-up comic, who starred as Day-Day Jones in Friday and Friday After Next with Ice Cube.

    They felt it was worth it as Epps interacted with the capacity audience and took some photos with some while he was “making fun” of them.

    Miss Sam Houston, Shanece Smith introduced the opening act Scruncho to the audience.

    Scrucho, who made an appearance on One Mic Stand on BET, got the crowd in the mood and prepared them for what would be a spectacular night.

    After 30 minutes, the crowd got on their feet as Epps walked on the stage.

    He did some impersonations of important people like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton that put the crowd in a frenzy.

    Epps jokingly said that he hopes he doesn't get in trouble.

    Some students had the opportunity to work alongside the production team for the event.

    Fisher Carlton, who is a member of the community service organization, Alpha Tau Omega, said that they were there since 9 a.m to help the crew to set up the stage and did whatever was needed.

    “It was really cool to see them up all the stage,” Carlton said. “I didn't know it took that much.”

    On the other side, Alexis Bloomer, Octavia Brown and Blake Dornak, hosts of the 19th Annual Sammy Awards that's set to take place in April, had the chance to interact with Epps on a personal level.

    “Getting to meet Mike (Epps) is fantastic,” Brown said. “Just the overall experience has been a lot more fun than I thought it would.”

    Epps brought a series message to the crowd before he closed out the show.

    “Don't let hip-hop influence you,” Epps said. “Don't let no song, no artist take you out of track at what you're doing. That's their life. Continue to stay in school and be the person you are.”

    He added that he was proud of the students for going to college and did something with themselves and believes that it would pay off in the future.

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