A Step In The Right Direction


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  2. By Cheval John
    Reporter, Vallano Media

    Major League Baseball (MLB) took a step in the right direction when they suspended Ryan Braun for the remainder of the 2013 season without pay last week.

    Braun, who is a five-time All-Star, was among the many players who were connected to the investigation of the Biogenesis' Performance-Enhancing Drugs program in the Miami area last year.

    Braun thought he had escaped punishment when the blood testing sample was compromised that allowed him to play earlier in the season.

    But MLB re-opened the investigation and felt that they had enough evidence to suspend Braun after the All-Star Break.

    I applaud MLB for finally making the right decision because for more than two decades, America's "past-time" was plagued with the rampant use of steriods.

    They also stood up against the Players Association (MLBPA) who for years tried to prevent drug testing in the sport that allowed Braun and others to cheat.

    Of course, it took a Congressional hearing in 2005 to force the MLB officials to clean up their act.

    Even though fans were enamored by the summer of 1998 when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa was chasing Roger Maris' single-season home run record of 61 that "saved" baseball.

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  4. It took PED's for McGwire and Sosa to pass Maris.

    To me, Maris is still the real regular-season home run record holder because of what he went through to get that mark.

    They thought that they could get away with it, but got caught in a web of deception.

    MLB's decision to suspend Braun sent a positive message to the youth that cheating is not the way to go and that the only way to succeed is by putting in the dedication and hard work.

    They finally took a step in the right direction.
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