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JSConf Uruguay 2014 - Day 2

JSConf is a unique conference organization, because we aren't really a conference organization at all. We are a very loose federation of developers who share the same general idea about how a technical conference should be held.


  1. Tiny modules on the frontend - James Halliday

  2. The lecture begins with the justification that applications can be composed of small modules and a good example of what can be a module are polyfills. From the moment you develop modules in the style of node.js (using require()), tools like browserify, creating the substack, can be used to package your modules allowing them to be used on the front end... read more about Jean Carlo Emer event cover
  3. NodeJS Workshop

  4. Be MEAN - Jean Carlo Nascimento

  5. The proposal is writing applications using JavaScript as much as possible. The stack comprises, in order of the letters of your name: MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js. The main paradigm shift is to leave aside the modeling of database relationships and focus on the questions and answers that are expected to extract data... read more about Jean Carlo Emer event cover
  6. JavaScript Security: myths, fallacies and anti-patterns  - Joe Petterson

  7. Joe says that we don't think enough in security. Our main challenge is to consider our client environment as our runtime environment. Security concepts on the front end are becoming increasingly complex. Several of the techniques presented are related to how to trear any untrusted information before adding it to HTML elements... read more about Jean Carlo Emer event cover