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JSConf Uruguay 2014 - Day 1

JSConf is a unique conference organization, because we aren't really a conference organization at all. We are a very loose federation of developers who share the same general idea about how a technical conference should be held.


  1. We play  - Guillermo Rauch

  2. The project, title of his talk, is a great example of the transport of information in binary format in a collaborative game. Note that the native WebSockets API accepts only the exchange of messages in the format string. The game is emulated on the server and each frame is sent to the client in binary format, which is extremely impressive and performative. The new version of, in addition to supporting JSON format already present in version 0.x, also supports binary data... read more about Jean Carlo Emer event cover
  3. Jade: A templating language - Forbes Lindesay

  4. Without much ceremony, Forbes explores codes written in HTML and its equivalent in Jade code. What follows was the full presentation of the syntax of the language and features. One of the interesting points was the demonstration of how you Javascript content could be rendered in templates to enable dynamic generation of HTML... read more about Jean Carlo Emer event cover
  5. Building for scale with KrakenJS - Lenny Markus

  6. It was created to introduce Node.js on PayPal's Web Application Framework. Kraken.js is based on Express and follows its own conventions. The framework comprises a series of modules with specific functions: Lusca for safety; Marara for internationalization; Kappa, which is a proxy# NPM to keep modules private. The modules can be used individually in Express applications... read more about Jean Carlo Emer event cover