#vtsrocks: Virginia Seminary welcomes guests with music, quidditch

Top photos, videos, and tweets from the day-long outdoor music festival at Virginia Theological Seminary on Saturday, April 13.

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  1. Preparing for the quidditch tournament.
  2. Christian Rock Concert (April 13, 2013) | Facebook
  3. We woke up to learn that a hardcore fan had spent the night!
  4. Hard core fan (!) stayed the night on campus.
  5. The library remains open today. Go check out the Assyrian reliefs!
  6. Band hospitality by VTS junior @conAIRgwin.
  7. Images from around campus round about 10 a.m.
  8. Good morning y'all! Getting ready for today! #MCLMG #vtsrocks
  9. Our first video feature of the day: "Why Quidditch?"
  10. Thoughts from friends following along.