e-Formation 2013 equips church leaders with digital tools for faith formation

On May 31, almost 200 church leaders gathered at Virginia Seminary for a weekend conference on faith formation for a connected, digital world. The ecumenical audience represented ministry contexts throughout the Americas. This is their story, curated by Isabella Blanchard and edited by Kyle Oliver.


  1. Friday Skills Bootcamp

    "Practice makes perfect" was our motto as we planned workshops for the Friday sessions. With too little time and too much information, our presenters offered attendees a strong foundation upon which the rest of the weekend would build: e-Formation for the digital immigrant. Bootcamp, anyone?
  2. Intensive Google training with Robbin Whittington of the Center for Spiritual Resources and Randall Curtis of the Diocese of Arkansas and The Holy Geek.
  3. Quick and dirty how-to on video for the web with Kyle Oliver and Curtis Prather of Virginia Seminary.
  4. Friday Evening Plenary

    Friday night's general session included some interesting characters (namely our dean, the one and only Ian Markham, as St. Paul). Exploring the history of faith formation, several presenters took us on a journey through the four eras of communication, ending with interactive communication—our conference's focus.
  5. Even funnier than usual: Ian Markham considers the power of the written word by stepping into the shoes of the early church's most prolific correspondent.
  6. Plenty of song and prayer on Friday night.
  7. Conversation about the storytellers in our lives, communication in our settings, and our hopes for faith formation.
  8. Webinar participants joined those present in person to tweet the fruit of their small-group conversations.
  9. Saturday Keynote Address

    Presentation by NPR's Sarah Lombard, vice president of content strategy and operations (read more here). Sarah's rules of community engagement: "Be present, be active, be yourself."