Bridging the #SecurityDisconnect


  1. Our recent research uncovered the disconnect between IT decision makers (ITDMs) and the wider business community when it comes to getting IT security threats taken seriously. Our live CrowdChat brought top influencers together to discuss key topics surrounding the gaps in cyber security in the modern business.
  2. The CrowdChat covered a range of issues, which were brought to life with the help of a live illustrator.
  3. Why security needs to be at the top of the business agenda was a prevailing theme throughout. Worryingly, our research found a quarter of ITDMs do not disclose data breaches to senior management. Reporting data breaches is integral to bridging the #SecurityDisconnect - if senior management do not know about data breaches, why would they have security at the top of their agenda?
  4. Discussions highlighted the importance of building security into the foundation of a solution or business, rather than simply bolting it on afterwards. This allows the core platform to go much faster to market as fewer things have to be altered when moving from development to testing to production.
  5. Our influencers also covered how many organisations feel the greatest security vulnerabilities come from within their business. When 22% of EMEA employees would risk being in breach of security policies to carry out their job effectively, how can IT effectively allow employees to work productively AND remain secure?
  6. The panel of influencers included:
  7. Jeremy van Doorn - Director, EMEA Network & Security Division, VMware
  8. Joe Baguley - VP & CTO EMEA, VMware
  9. Dor Zakai - Director End User Computing, EMEA Sales Engineering, VMware
  10. Charles Barratt - Ambassador, Enterprise Architect, EUC, Cloud & UX, VMware
  11. Gregg Robertson - vXpert 2011-2016, Xtravirt
  12. Rik Ferguson - VP Security Research, Trend Micro
  13. If you would like to read the full #SecurityDisconnect CrowdChat you can view it here. For more information on how to rethink your cyber security disconnect, take a read of our Top 10 Takeaway Report.