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Versioning Machine - applications, reviews, citations and feedback


  1. Article The Versioning Machine 3.0: LessonsinOpenSourceSoftware (Re)Development Sean Daugherty Tony Ross
  2. Digital resource created:   The following texts are encoded in XML using the text-critical subset of the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative's DTD (Document Type Definition). They can be displayed in two different styles, using two different XSLT stylesheets. One experimentally uses the "Versioning Engine" v2.0 from MITH (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities). In this style, parallel texts in different Wa orthographies, and additionally in Burmese, Chinese, English, or IPA, are displayed in side-by-side columns, with extensive formatting and other features, based on the information in the XML file.
  3. Camp Ulysses: Versioning, Collation, and the Digital Ulysses, University of Victoria, 6–15 June 2013 Olivia Ferguson, Amanda Hansen, Zaqir Virani