Adding Dependents Twitter Town Hall

On August 23, 2017, VBA held a Twitter Town Hall to update Veterans on the process to add dependents to compensation benefits.


  1. In recent years, the process of adding and removing dependents has been heavily automated. For most Veterans, the dependent will be added in a few days and they will receive their adjusted payment amount the following month. The purpose of this chat was to raise awareness of the updates! We got started on time at 2pm ET!
  2. First thing's first, who is eligible to add dependents to a compensation award? Short answer: Vets rated 30% or higher with eligible dependents.
  3. A participant asked who VA considers a dependent. This link explains who is eligible:
  4. What's the best way to add them? Short answer: eBenefits.
  5. Cant remember if you added a dependent or not? You can check on eBenefits:
  6. A user asked if submitting a dependent claim would affect his Fully Developed Claim (FDC) status:
  7. Some miscellaneous facts about adding dependents:
  8. It's important to remember to remove dependents if their status changes. If not, you could receive an over payment and create a debt:
  9. Need more info on adding dependents? This new webpage outlines the entire process: 
  10. Thanks for joining us! See you at our next social media event!