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Are You Looking to Buy British Chocolate!


  1. If your thinking about emigrating from Britain there’s so many countries that you’ll probably have on your shortlist. It took me and Pete a good year to narrow down our three favorites and about another few months to decide on where exactly we wanted to move to.
  2. In the end it had to be the US, we've spent the last two years living in California and haven’t looked back. The life we livenow is so much more relaxed and we couldn’t of picked a better country to spendour retirement. However, one thing that has upset me and my husband is that we can’t seem to get hold of any of my favorite British chocolate here in the states.
  3. We have searched high and low with no such luck. Until now! I recently came across a company called Jolly Goods ( on the BBC who package your favorite British chocolate and send them direct to your door. I couldn't of been more happy when I found this company and ordered a box straight away.
  4. There website lets you buy British chocolate and get the exact chocolates you've been missing so much. I must admit I was starting to get a little homesick but a now I get a box every few months and it definitely helps to keep those feelings at bay.