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How Alternative Spring Breakers Are Changing Communities Across America

604,800. That's how many seconds are in one week-long spring break. And every year, it's how much time each and every one of our Alternative Spring Break students spends giving back to their community, inspiring real change in the world around them, and building life-long friendships.


  1. Throughout every March, United Way hosts a series of alternative spring break trips (ASB's) from Newark, NJ and the Jersey Shore, to Baltimore, MD, Washington, D.C. and Tennessee all the way down to Miami and on over to the west coast in San Francisco. This year we are so pumped with the groups that have come together, we want to be sure you hear their stories.
  2. In D.C., 25 outstanding young women spent their spring break working to empower and improve the lives and futures of young girls and women through our Kimberly-Clark U By Kotex sponsored #PoweredByU ASB. They met with organizations like the Council of Women and Girls, and they worked with young girls to help them tell their stories for the Honest Beauty Project.