Conversation with US Embassy Cairo (the official Twitter account of the US government in Egypt)

The US Embassy in Cairo admits two important things in these tweets: 1. It has the power to stop weapons imports to the dictatorship. 2. It knows that ordinary Egyptians are being tried in courts that offer neither "due process" nor transparency. It supplies dictators with weapons anyway.


  1. Tweets were sent to @USEmbassyCairo as part of a project entitled #Truth2Power here is an idea of what they were like:
  2. Throughout the day, others joined in questioning the US's role and relationship with the military dictatorship (@ArmedForcesEG) in #Egypt
  3. For some reason this message cannot be Storified, but, @hfakhry said, "@USEmbassyCairo The gas that ur government said OK about, has poisoned me & 100s in #Tahrir, we r suffering Toxic materials in blood, Liars!" The US Embassy responded...
  4. ...and the conversation continues:
  5. The next comment by the embassy is very telling, the US Government, particularly the Embassy in Cairo has the power to stop imports of weapons that it knows are being used against ordinary Egyptians:
  6. More true statements: With the understanding that what the US Government is doing in Egypt is not "democracy", their actions are in support of the military dictatorship...
  7. People know about their tricky ways...
  8. The Embassy issued a denial and tries to re-establish its position in support of democracy:
  9. Their denial & statements about "democracy" have no credibility when compared with reality...