the #Desent15 journey

one of the most sought-after modules seen and experienced through the eyes of a designer


  1. When I think of an entrepreneur, I think business. I think forceful. Selling yourself. Profit making. I didn't think I wanted to be part of this money making-evil-scheme-hipster thing.
  2. Little did I know that this was SO far from the truth.
  3. This module was first introduced to me by Mike Press. Speaker extraordinaire, lecture waltzer and all rounder entrepreneur. I fell in love with the module and signed up for it immediately. I was thrilled to be part of it, and this is what I've learnt.
  4. We started off the module by studying the importance of design enterprise. What it was, and how it could help solve problems in the country. This slowly led to the idea of "make a job, don't take a job". Mike told us that this is the new economy. It is not a business.
  5. "Being enterprising means thinking of yourself as a business in your own right. How do you stand out from the crowd?" - Mike Press
  6. The city of Dundee is the perfect place to start the module, because Dundee was just elected the City of Design. There were plenty of talks and events happening to begin my journey into understanding design enterprise.
  7. Joanna Montgomery was one of the first speakers we had, and she was one of the most unforgettable ones too. She spoke about how we could turn from students, to superheroes. She used social media to create awareness of her work at the time. Her creation of the PillowTalk was one that got her recognised all over the country.
  8. One thing that struck me was that she said that she was an outsider when she was studying in the university. She felt left out because her work was different to everyone else's, and she didn't get the support she wanted/needed. But in the end, Joanna stuck to her guns and proved everyone wrong and got to the successful place she is at today. She is such a strong woman (literally).
  9. Besides the amazing speakers that we had during the module, we also investigated what makes an entrepreneur tick. In groups, we researched some companies that we liked, and got interviews with ones that we liked. They answered our questions regarding the entrepreneurship and business aspects that could help us. A lot of preparation went into this; an interview with a triad of multi-contract winning companies across Scotland is no easy task.