Jeb Bush Brought The Heat at the GOP Debate.

After complaints that he lacked energy at the 1st GOP debate, Jeb Bush took a more aggressive approach at the GOP debate last night.


  1. Many viewers eagerly waited for the GOP debate to start.
  2. Republican candidate Jeb Bush did not take any mess from Donald Trump this time around. When Trump claimed that Bush was a puppet for his donors, Bush did not back down.
  3. Donald Trump and Jeb Bush Battle on CNN Debate | The Blaze
  4. Viewers noticed that Bush was gunning for Trump in a very intense passive-aggressive way. It was quite obvious that Trump noticed that Bush was more aggressive too, and called him out on it.
  5. Tensions continued to rise between Trump and Bush during the GOP debate as issues on immigration and women's rights came to the forefront. Trump raised eyebrows when he said that he "respects women." But it was Bush who raised even more eyebrows, when he told Trump to apologize to his wife for making unnecessary remarks about her heritage. Trump, in fashion, refused to apologize.
  6. Bush: Trump should apologize to my wife
  7. The Trump and Bush feud was just the tip of the iceberg for viewers. When Bush confessed to Jake Tapper and America that he smoked marijuana, viewers went insane. Though he was called a hypocrite by Rand Paul, Bush strategically used his confession to talk about his views on drugs in America.
  8. Bush: '40 years ago I smoked marijuana, I admit it...
  9. Depsite the criticism from Trump, Bush brought cheers from the crowd when he stood up for his brother/former president, George W. Bush on 9/11 and his military stance. His comment ,"He kept us safe" brought support and criticism from viewers alike.
  10. Governor Jeb Bush: My brother kept us safe