Gurob Harem Palace Project Conference 2011

A conference held November 4th and 5th London to discuss recent fieldwork results of the Gurob Harem Palace Project and raise funds for future seasons. This story is a summary of the tweets (mainly by Liz and Anna) from this conference using the #GHPP hashtag and a few RTs.


  1. Preparations:
  2. The evening before the conference, before the Gurob birthday party:
  3. Saturday morning: The conference begins with Dr Ian Shaw: 2011 fieldwork report
  4. Sarah Doherty, Ethnoarchaeology in the Fayum
  5. We had a practical pottery demonstration by Sarah who produced a miniature vessel on a potter's wheel:
    Sarah Doherty Using a replica Egyptian potter’s wheel (demonstration)
  6. Liz Jones - Mapping Gurob
  7. Hannah Pethen - A shapely Harem?
  8. Anna Hodgkinson - The Industries of the Harem: Excavations within the Industrial Area at Gurob