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Udacity/SJSU Partnership

View some highlights from our press conference and announcement on January 15, 2013. Join the conversation at #SJSUplus.


  1. "Too often high-quality education is locked up, not available to students simply because of where they were born, how much money they have, or any number of other factors. Broadening access is the most important ingredient for truly democratizing education and I view this collaboration as an important step towards that greater goal."

    - Sebastian Thrun
  2. "The state university’s deal with Udacity is also the first time that professors at a university have collaborated with a provider of a MOOC — massive open online course — to create for-credit courses..."
  3. "Every year nationally, 1.7 million students need remedial education. That's roughly the population of San Jose and San Francisco combined. We must innovate."
    - Mohammad Qayoumi