UW-Whitewater Move-in Day 2012

Anticipation, excitement, fun -- It's Move-in Day 2012 at UW-Whitewater!


  1. When everybody arrives, it's always interesting to see what they bring with them.
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  3. From futons to refrigerators, there's a lot of heavy lifting.
  4. Move-in Day 2012 at UW-Whitewater
  5. And, of course, there was a lot of love for the Warhawk Crew - our awesome volunteers.
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  7. These students are the best! With all of their help, we had to make only one trip up the stairs. Easiest move-in day ever. Thanks so much!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for making move-in day so smooth!!
  9. The day really flew by...
  10. One of the best parts of Move-in Day is having students' friends and family members on campus, even for a short time.
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  12. Now, it's time to get settled and start a new chapter at UW-Whitewater.