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#ROAR July 22-23

@uwparkside held its first overnight Ranger Orientation, Advising, and Registration (#ROAR) on July 22-23rd.


  1. The @uwparkside #ROAR staff is excited for the new Rangers to arrive!

  2. And the new Rangers are pretty excited too!

  3. And so #ROAR begins...

  4. After check-in, the new Rangers were welcomed by the @uwparkside leadership.

  5. First up, Chancellor Debbie Ford.
  6. Next, Peggy James, Program Director for the soon-to-be College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies
  7. Finally, Provost Terry Brown talked about the Wizard of Oz, and reminded the new Rangers that the Scarecrow not only got a brain, he got a diploma.
  8. And then it was time for the #ROAR leaders to take the stage... as only party rockers can!

  9. #ROAR leaders Cedrina and Will have a unique way of getting to know students...