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UW Medicine's first ever live-tweeted surgery

Patient Dave Skelton and Dr. Stephen Rayhill invite media into the OR to document a living donor kidney transplant.


  1. We kick off the live-tweet in David Skelton's hospital room. It's about 6:45, his surgery is scheduled for 8 p.m., and he's just been given an IV. At this point, we have him sign consent forms to release his information and images to the public. 

    Note to social media nerds: we have one primary and one secondary tweeter. One is working off an iPhone 4s and using the Twitter for iPhone app. The other is working off an iPhone 5 and also using Twitter for iPhone. 
  2. This is the pre-operative room. Dave's just received sedatives and is feeling "groovy." Already people are beginning to tune in from all over the country.
  3. Dr. Rayhill is interviewed by KING-5 Seattle about donor chains.
  4. The donated kidney arrives in the OR Control Center. Dr. Rayhill is gesturing where to take the organ. This is the second kidney in a chain of 12. This kidney came from a donor in South Carolina! 
  5. Back in pre-op,Dr. Montenovo, a transplant surgery fellow, initials just above Dave's hip. This is an acknowledgement of what side to place the new kidney. and a common safety procedure. 
  6. While Dave is in pre-op and on the way to the OR, Drs. Rayhill and Montenovo prepare the donor kidney.