Gone International: the value of mobility

This second Gone International study, from the UK HE International Unit's Go International team, examines the profile and outcomes of UK-domiciled, first degree, mobile students who graduated in 2013/14, responded to the Destination of Leavers in Higher Education survey, and undertook a period of mobility abroad. It explores who goes abroad (gender, subject, ethnicity, socioeconomic background), where they go, and what they do after they graduate (academic and employment outcomes).

  1. Thursday 18 February 2016

  2. This report was authored by the UK HE International Unit's Go International programme:

  3. View the press release on the report here:

  4. gone international front cover
    gone international front cover
  5. View this blog from Catriona Finlayson, UK HE International Unit below:

  6. The Headline figures- what happened on the go international website?

  7. On the day of the report's release, there were 193 sessions, 163 user visits and 706 page views on the go international website:
  8. gone internaitonal infographic 2
    gone internaitonal infographic 2
  9. These figures increased on the day following the report's release. There were over 1,000 page views on the go international website. The report itself was viewed by 618 users between Thursday and Friday (18 and 19 February):
  10. What happened on Twitter?

  11. The top IU tweet in February was for the report. It generated over 10,200 impressions- reaching an astonishing number of people on their Twitter streams. The top mention was by Global BU, which earned 59 engagements, 18 re-tweets and 6 favourites.
  12. top tweets gone international
    top tweets gone international
  13. The report was also featured on the IU's LinkedIn page. The report generated 747 impressions, was clicked 14 times and was liked by 5 users on the day the report was released.
  14. The report can be viewed in PDF here:

  15. The IU started tweeting about the report with a few snap shot facts:

  16. There was just over 70 tweets, 126 RTs and 70 favourites on the day of the report's release.

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