Barcelona defeated Elche five factors critical to positioning the ball rotation from FIFA 15

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  1. Pique, Bravo, rotation, positioning the ball and Messi and Neymar tacit understanding is the key to victory over Barcelona in Elche.

    Barcelona defeated Elche five factors critical to positioning the ball rotation Bravo: Chile goalkeeper 20 league games this season, lost only nine goals, and he closed out the first half Faisal continuous shot, especially the first 24 minutes of fighting to achieve a victory for Barcelona foundation. After the roots have outstanding performance in Teershite week, Bravo once again proved superior strength Barca goalkeeper position.

    Line thickness: Enrique always thought should be given to all players the opportunity to play, compared to the King's Cup match against Atletico, Enrique in Elche when adjusted for six players, Bravo, Montoya, Barthes pull, Harvey, Rafinha, Pedro got the first opportunity.

    Positioning the ball tactics: Barca are often faced with retreating defense team, and the King's Cup after losing two 9-ball, Elche campaign great emphasis on defense. And positioning the ball tactics are often able to break the opponent's defense, the campaign in the first half, first kicker Alba get opportunities through kick, then kick Messi free kick just wide, and finally it is Xavi free kick assists Pique broke.

    Pique: After the outstanding performance in the match against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday, Pique once again become an important player, he will not only be well-organized defense organization, constantly threaten to stifle opponents, but also into the league this season, the third ball.

    Messi and Neymar: Barcelona scored five goals in the second half of the four, is a tacit agreement from Messi and Neymar fit. Neymar breakthrough in the restricted area manufacturing penalty, Messi easy penalty, the Argentine striker Neymar then two assists and scored the first five goals Barca campaign, the two strikers this season has scored 35 goals in the league.