Mmmm Nom Nom - Tweeting about eating?

some call it silly, some call it #foodporn ... but for some reason I often tweet about food ...


  1. ... it started off almost a year ago, on holidays ... when DH was using his iphone to take photos of what he was eating and sending them to a mate, in order to make him jealous ... we also had the (then brand new) iPad with us, so I started using that to take food photos and post them to Facebook. Later in the year I got a new phone (the new HTC one that DH would have bought for himself if he didn't already have an iPhone? lol) and I also got into Twitter ... so I started using my phone to post photos, and started Tweeting photos (which also go to Facebook as well - because I set things up so my tweets do that ;-)
  2. actually I think that may have been an iPad photo? ... hence the weird angle - lol (or it may have just been that I changed my mind which way up to hold my phone and it thought it was still the other way up? ;-)
  3. hmmm ... can I sneak in a dog photo because it is "drink" ... which is a bit like "eat" ... must have been tasty too - he is drinking the water I just used to find the leak in my bike tyre tube ... mind you - it was his water bucket I used to dip the tube into and find the leak - LOL
  4. yes ... an even newer HTC than mine came out ... so he had to buy one ...
  5. Hmmm ... Looking at this picture reminded me I am hungry ... I wouldn't mind some Eggs Bennedict now actually ...
  6. DH went away (for work) for a few weeks ... I think I had take-away about twice ... this was one - fish and chips ... to which I added some salad from the fridge ;-)
  7. do hot chickens from supermarket count as take-away? ... It was bought to go in chicken wraps for DD tomtake to work for lunch, and as meat with salad, and the bones and greebly bits (minus what the dog age) got used for soup as well!
  8. think this may have been the last of those from the other photo ... didn't get back out there to get any more either ... sigh 
  9. BBQ out at the 4WD show ;-)
  10. I like meetings where they provide food - lol