Day 2: G-8 Open Data for Ag Conference - April 30, 2013

Open access to publicly funded, agriculturally-relevant data is critical to increasing global food security. Follow along here for up-to-date coverage and resources from today's sessions.

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  1. G-8 Action Plans for Open Data:

  2. USDA Blog discussing data updates and availability on, including the ERS API, GRIN Global and NASS Quick Stats:
  3. Follow-up blog from USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist and G-8 #OpenAgData Lightening Presenter Tad Sonstegard:
  4. USAID Open Data Announcement (4/30/13):

  5. What is the Demand for Data and Science Policy in Africa?

  6. Platforms and Technology for Releasing Open Data:

  7. Paul Kersey: transPLANT, Framework 7 Program, European Union; European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK
    Pankaj Jaiswal, Oregon State University: Jaiswal Lab Blog
    Dr. Josef Schmidhuber, Deputy Director of FAO Statistics Division Group
  8. The Rice Bowl Index: Open Data, Open Dialogue:

  9. Making Agricultural Open Data Useful:

  10.  #HackMeat Project: 3 Days, 150 Hackers, 12 Projects to reimagine future of meat #OpenAgData