In the news: AFRICOM, partners highlight multi-national efforts to counter the Lord's Resistance Army

A look at content produced by a group of journalists who visited Central and East Africa in April 2012 to report on the multi-national effort to counter the Lord's Resistance Army.

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  1. Reporters on the trip visited Uganda and Central African Republic, where they were able to talk to government officials, UN and AU officials, aid agencies, U.S. Embassy officials, U.S. and partner nation military personnel, and local residents affected by the LRA. The trip was sponsored jointly by the Department of Defense and Department of State. Some of the journalists had  the opportunity to visit U.S. AFRICOM headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, where they spoke with the commander, General Carter Ham, and the commander of SOCAFRICA, U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Brian Losey. Their stories, compiled below, started running in print and online on April 29.
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    Providing Aid in Uganda

  4. May 1, 2012
  5. Americans track LRA leader in C.A.R
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    Dan Damon in East Africa, in search of Joseph Kony
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