Zimmerman found not guilty; America reacts

Late Saturday night, a jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, 17, bringing up issues of race, the justice system and gun rights in America. What did you think of verdict? Responses immediately following the verdict, including to @USATOpinion's question ...


  1. ... was justice served?

  2. This has more to do with Florida's laws and lack of common sense within it when it comes to defining when someone is using the stand your ground law to commit murder! Evidence was also ignored by this jury and to be.honest they failed Trayvon! Day's like this it's easy to get angry but I say days like this we must leave it with God..
  3. If you don't like the verdict, don't blame Zimmerman. Instead, vent your frustrations on the idiot prosecutor who failed to prove his case. The elements of proof were not met.
  4. If that is what the jury found, then I am satisfied. It is the American system, and justice has been served, no matter what one may think. But this case did reveal that Americans are still divided on the artificial grounds of race. Biologically, we are all of just one race. I am hoping that this case and its aftermath will unite us for justice, rather than divide us by an artificial construct.
  5. The jury got it right. Respect the law, the verdict and the system. Remember, none of you were there that night nor in the shoes of the jurists.
  6. Absolutely ridiculous!! He should be sentenced to death!!
  7. Florida has become a haven for gun nuts. If George had not been carrying a gun, he would not have left his vehicle. Trayvon would still be alive.
  8. Zimmerman got his day in court. The verdict is the verdict. Love it or hate it. Zimmerman has to live with the knowledge he killed someone and since this is the USA, the land of vengeance, he's got a target(not a literal one) on his back for his remaining days, like Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson.
  9. Looks like the jury paid attention to both the evidence and the law. That said, it was a tragedy for Trayvon and his family as well as for George, who will have to ask himself for the rest of his life if this is what he wanted. Florida may wish to take a look at the stand your ground law and perhaps make some adjustments aimed at limiting such confrontations.