Social media buzz: Women in combat, Benghazi

Our two most popular topics in Opinion this week: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta's decision to drop the ban on women in combat and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's testimony during the Benghazi hearings.


  1. Combat roles open to women

    On Twitter we asked whether Panetta made the right decision by dropping the ban on women in combat.  On Facebook, we posted our editorial and an opposing view about the subject. 

    Here's what readers on Twitter and Facebook, had to say to USA TODAY Opinion:  
  2. If a woman can decide what to do with her body for everything else, why should she not be allowed to choose combat in war?
  3. In Israel, we've got special elite unites, made of women.Needless to say, they've saved many lives.
  4. women fight in canada they are trained doing it for years stop making excuses
  5. He makes sense. Women are equal to men, but are not the same. And the differences will cause problems on the front line when soldiers have enough to deal with just to stay alive.
  6. The conversation outside of USA TODAY:
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  11. What difference does it make?

  12. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responds to questions from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing with the phrase "What difference at this point does it make?" 
  13. Hillary Clinton to Sen Ron Johnson: What difference does it make if there was a protest or not?
  14. On Facebook, we asked what people thought of of Clinton's responses when we posted our editorial "At Benghazi hearings, 'gotcha politics.'"
  15. What folks are saying inside USA TODAY: 
  16. She's a liar who "outlouded" everyone!!
  17. "Don't you understand I'm trying to run for President in 2016!"
  18. This is a case of 20/20 hindsight - there is no failure and I'm tired of the GOP trying to make political hay out of the deaths of some very brave people. Diplomatic "outposts" are often risky by nature or else they wouldn't get the job done.
  19. She looked unprofessional, unpresidential.