Social media buzz: Death penalty for accused bomber, and Bush library

This week we asked USA TODAY Opinion readers if accused Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, should get the death penalty if convicted, and readers shared opinions on George W. Bush's new presidential library.

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  1. Put accused Boston bomber to death?

  2. 87.5% of voters said:  Absolutely. He's accused of killing four people and injuring hundreds.
  3. 12.5% of voters said: No. While the crimes were horrific, the death penalty has no place in the U.S.
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  5. Conversations outside of USA TODAY Opinion:
  6. Let the victims choose his fate. Or let the victims torture him
  7. He can face Federal Death Penalty charges, but Massachusetts does not have a Death Penalty.
  8. USA TODAY graphic showing that a large majority of states allow the death penalty:
  9. Please make it fast, don't punish the victims and relatives with years of media circus and unlimited legal procedures, but more important, find out who gave the order?
  10. "Could" There should be no question. This was a Federal offense of terrorism, so the death penalty it is.
  11. They ought to just stick a bomb under his legs and detonate it.
  12. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says the death penalty is "appropriate" for the Boston bomber.
  13. Sen. Schumer: Death penalty 'appropriate' in Boston bombing
  14. That's exactly what these guys want! The media is already making him infamous by posting his picture and name give him the death penalty and give him myrtadom status and his wish list will be complete. I'm sure where just hours aways from their grievances being aired! The media is the accomplice and the buy public too!
  15. All the people calling for the death penalty for the Boston Bomber should stop and think. Why give him the honour he would feel from death? Isn't gaining a better position in their version of heaven one of their main goals in doing these things? Why send him there? He should just be thrown in jail with no human contact for the rest of his natural life. Treat him humanly in the sense of food,clothes,bedding etc. But just No human contact ever. We need to prove that we are better than them. That our way of life is better. Other wise they win
  16. Library dedicated to former President George W. Bush

  17. A presidential library was dedicated to George. W. Bush in Dallas, Thursday. Bush says the library was created to "lay out the facts" of his administration, and not a way to defend his decisions as president.