March on Washington inspires hope, action

Tens of thousands of people arrived in Washington, D.C., on Saturday to mark the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. They heard speakers in front of the Lincoln Memorial ranging from Martin Luther King III and the Rev. Al Sharpton to Myrlie-Evers Williams and Bernice King. Some reactions:

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  2. On the Rev. Al Sharpton:
  3. On equal pay:
  4. On gun violence:
  5. The death of any person through violence is a tragedy. I just wonder what all of the other mothers feel that have lost their sons to violence on the streets of America? The focus on one incident belittles the deaths of others by their neighbors especially when it is used to promote more violence and hatred.. Dr. Kings dream can never be realized as long as violence rules the day in the urban centers of America.
  6. What inspired some marchers to go to Washington, D.C., today?
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  8. I celebrate that and the MLK Dream by my character.......after 57 years on this Earth, I have seen a lot, and still have a lot to experience, but through it all, that Dream taught me one thing......NEVER STOP DREAMING !
  9. What about the thousands of blacks being murdered every year by blacks over nothing in such cities as Chicago and Oakland? That has to be fixed first. Nobody attending this faux march cares, and I'm watching it as I post this. Not impressed at all so far.
  10. So many comments I have seen show that we haven't moved but a few inches from '67. So much racial hatred. Such views will make and keep this great nation weak rather than strong.
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