Social media buzz: School shooting solutions

After another tragic shooting at a school in Nevada, the gun control debate returned.


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  3. On Tuesday, we asked our Facebook followers this question:
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  5. The discussion escalated quickly
  6. A. No way should a child have access to a gun like this. Apparently, his parents shouldn't either since they were too stupid to keep it locked up.
  7. On the surface arming a teacher sounds like a possible solution, but when you think about it could the teacher actually have drawn a gun, aimed it at a child and pulled the trigger? And if he did would the media crucify him or worse, could he live with himself afterward. It's a no win situation for everyone involved.
  8. Parents why are your firearms and bullets accessible to your children? PSA: everyone is bullied in their life so teaching your child to stand up and fight isn't wrong but using a firearm to win a fight is wrong!
  9. The child should NEVER have had access to that gun--it should have been locked securely away. Teachers & other school personnel should be taught screening for signs of trouble in their students so that problems can be headed off before they get to this point. If the kid hadn't had access to a gun, he might have used a knife or baseball bat--whatever--to express his anger, frustration, or whatever led to the shooting.
  10. C. The parents were irresponsible for not securing their fire arm that was used by their 12 year old child who used it to shoot three people, killing one.
  11. You're never going to keep guns away from someone who wants to use one, so B is the most logical answer, sad but true. The morals of people have decayed to the point where anything goes. Nothing would surprise me anymore. Stricter gun laws would work about as good as prohibition did. Answer C doesn't deal with the problem, just explains it. And D is absurd, you will never catch all the bad seeds, though it woud help some.
  12. B. No doubt. The teacher killed was a former Marine and should have been armed.
  13. C. Lock it up, get the youth help and be a responsible gun owner and this would've never happened! More laws won't stop irresponsible gun owners.
  14. B. Also we need to stop endorsing fear in the USA. Shoot back at these attackers and teach our children how to properly use a firearm in defense.
  15. Exactly Martin. Why are these bullies getting away with this behavior? Parents need to feed their children more self esteem and pay more attention to what their kids are involved in. Talk at the dinner table, get involved in their lives!
  16. A and D...There is some teachers I do not want even near a gun Martin... And if he was not bullied in the first place how we know it would have happened?
  17. None of options make any sense. How do we know the kid got the gun at home? Arm teachers to protect themselves and others from 12 year olds? And how would stricter gun laws have avoided this? 12 year olds cant buy guns.
  18. We need to raise our kids better
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